Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Florals

Just sharing a few summer florals. I took these back in 2009 and revisited them today. I know not all of you that read my blog are feeling the warmth from summer yet. Frankly we are melting away here in Georgia, so it was nice to work on these in the comfort of air conditioning while still feeling like I was sitting in the sun. ;0) Enjoy and happy Friday!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I met a baby bird...

And his name is Jamison. So sweet. I met his parents back in November when they booked a session for Christmas pictures. Here is one from that session:

I knew by looking at them then that their new little baby would be nothing less than gorgeous! I was right! We recently did Jamison's newborn session. So I want to share those with you too.

He is absolutely precious and such a good baby. I look forward to his 3 month session coming up soon. Emily and Jason thanks for choosing me to photograph your amazing little boy! I look forward to all our upcoming sessions!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baby Stuey

Is the baby with the most smiles I have ever seen. Here is an image from his newborn session that Mommy entered in a photo contest. We didn't win but we came very close. The santa hat was almost as big as he was at the time so I did a lot of tucking and molding but loved how it came out.

We recently did his 6 month session. I swear I could not believe how happy he was! All of us were giggling at how much he was smiling. Truly a photographers dream. Also had to have some done in Daddy's hat. Stuey is going to be so proud one day telling the stories about how his Daddy is a hero. Thank God for our military men and women who makes sure we can all enjoy our day to day freedoms. Here are a few from our session. I look forward to his 9 months session! Thanks Lizzy for choosing me. ;0)

Friday, June 3, 2011

I think I have found my thing...

I have had many discussions with my friends about what "My Thing," is in photography. So many of us are on a mission to find "our style." What it is that we love to do in this huge world of photography. How we want to represent what we see. How we want to touch others with their own memories. I love everything about taking a photograph, no matter what it is. Last year I started my "Caterpillar to Butterfly" Baby Plan. I love everything about it. Not only do I get to watch a baby grow. Means a lot to me now that my children are all so grown up. It brings back memories of my own being that little. It touches my heart. That first year is when the months count. After that you don't say, "This is my child, he is 4 years old and 2! That first year when they are completely dependent on their parents for everything. Watching new parents learn how to BE parents. It is fantastic!

I also get to know my clients a lot more. Seeing them much more than I normally would. I just completed my first plan and to be honest, Cohen's Mommy is not just his Mommy anymore. She is now my friend. Thank you Kim for trusting me to capture your little guy. Now I am working with more Mommy's and Daddy's and I hope that I take away friendship from that also.

I also know just how much even my stinking snapshots of my kiddos when they were babies pull at my heart strings. I look at them often. I always have to show my husband too and we both are in awe that they were ever that little. So it feels really special to me to know that my clients can pull out their book from their plan, anytime they want to recapture the feeling of that first year. So I thought I would share a year in the life of Cohen. This is the layout of his book that Kim and her husband Travis will soon have in their home to look back on whenever they want. ;0)