Saturday, September 20, 2008

He loves his Xbox and Mom loves the beach

So we tried to bring them together! I had a great time with Tyler. He is a Senior this year. He really loves to play his Xbox so of course we had to include them in his shots! I think I might have gone overboard on sneak peaks but I really wanted Mom to see a little bit of all we got. I will let you both know when I have your gallery ready. I enjoyed meeting you and hope to take some family pictures soon. :)

Hey Tyler...Tell me how you will really feel when we are done with all this picture!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Little Stinker!

I finally got this little guy. He teases me quite often by staring in our livingroom and driving our cat crazy! Yesterday he was peering in from our roof. This time he didn't run away but rather had a staring contest with me. That little stinker was looking at me like I was crazy and would tilt his little head with every click of the shutter. My kiddos couldn't get enough of it and it brought on some serious giggles.

Check out those teeth!

And those claws! Yikes!
Here was my last shot which by the way, scared the crud out of me! The little stinker leaped right at me, which in turn I leaped in the air camera in hand. I wish you could hear the giggle fest that it brought! Little Stinker!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Kind and Respectful....

sums it up for this Senior. Geoffrey is a great guy! I really enjoyed photographing him. He was willing to stand up, sit down, smile, don't All American is what I think of when I see these. Good luck to you this year Geoffrey. I just know you will come shining through as you always do.