Thursday, May 22, 2008

Congratulations Little Miss R!!

Today Little Miss R's Mommy came to see me for pictures of her little doll in her preschool cap and gown. My gosh isn't she the cutest little thing!

And get ready for the cutest thing you might just ever witness!

Thanks so much for bringing her to me Little Miss R's Mommy! You know I love to photograph your gorgeous children! Can't wait to take pictures of the boys again! By the way this didn't help my Sappy Mommy mood at all. I will be doing these same pictures June 9th with my boy, except he is 18! Tell Little Miss R that Coach Ken thought these were so cute and that she is such a pretty little girl. :)

Pieces of me

I don't know if it is because school is almost out, but I have thought about them more throughout the day than I usually do. Maybe it's because I know this last week of school is nothing but fun for them and I loved those days! I am a ooshy, gooshy, artsy, fartsy sappy Mommy these!

Because he says this to me every morning and every night without fail.

because his Daddy used to sing the song "Summertime" to my belly when I was pregnat.

Because everytime I hear the song, "San Andrea's Fault" by Nathalie Merchant I think about her. I changed the words from blue eyes to green though. :)

they are the pieces of me that make me whole. :)