Sunday, October 28, 2007

Could have been bittersweet but instead a celebration

This is my son Austin. My son's are so different! I have two that can't get enough of sports and everything that goes along with it. But Austin has always been into art. He get's a lot of slack for not being the "typical boy" His art teacher entered two of hsi projects in our county fair this year. We went yesterday to see how he did. the one he is most proud of was a sketch he did of himself. We endearingly call it, "Austin's big ol' head." LOL. On our way to the fair I had to keep reassuring him that it was an absolute honor just to be selected. He is so tenderhearted. As a Mommy I was a nervous wreck, not knowing how we were going to handle it if he didn't win. We built him up just like we do our other son before a big game. We get there and we find the "Big ol' head" and it didn't place. I could see the disappointment seeping from Austin. I still said I wanted a picture of him with the "big ol' head" He laughed and so this is what we got.
A closeup of the "big ol' head"And then we looked for his painting. It was a project on pointillism. It is composed of dots from a q tip. And looked what happened!!!!!!!
Yahoo!!! First place!!! It was a good day to be Austin and a good day to be Austin's Mommy! We were overjoyed!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

They got hitched! :)

Yvonne and Michael thankyou so much for including me on your special day! Wow what a party it was! Sorry for torturing you with pictures Michael but you will see that it was well worth it. You were great during your photo shoots..ha ha! Here is a few I have gone through already. I will let you know when I have the others up.

Yvonne you were such a beautiful bride

This was such a good idea! I love it!

And this lizard appearing in your bouquet had to be a sign of good luck.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Those eyes...those eyes...those eyes!!

Meet Little man Z! I swear those eyes are going to break many hearts, not to mention he has such a good little personality to go with them. This is a sneak peek for his Mommy. Thankyou Stephanie for asking me to do your team. You were right that purple looks amazing on Little Roo!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Little Miss C

I had so much fun with Little Miss C yesterday! Not to mention how stinkin' cute she is!! We talked about dance class, school and how she really wants to be a cheerleader next year. We played peek-a-boo and got ate up by mosquitos!!! She was a little trooper and I promised her Mommy a sneak peak. So hear they are and I hope she likes them as much as I do!!