Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sometimes they call me the "Crazy Face Picture Lady!"

And it is not because I have a crazy face (At least I hope They on the other hand well...that's a different story all together!! lol! I always try to take the boring out of lining up and posing. At the end I let them be the kiddos they want to be and be as silly as they want to be. I tell you it makes even the most serious one crack up laughing. I love it. It also is my favorite part! Thank you Warriors and Thank you Coach Dale for helping me make it through the rain. We almost beat it. :) I think we did pretty good fitting 2 teams in!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lollipops and Sunshine...

Who could ask for anything more?? I had so so much fun with Little Raegan. I even got a lollipop sticky hug afterwards. We talked and giggled and jumped. Although she kept calling me Miss Nicole.

Me: "Raegan I am Miss Jennifer."

Raegan: "I know I just keep mixing you up with Miss Nicole."

Me: "Why?"

Raegan: "Because you both start with Miss!"

I laughed forever about this and it still makes me giggle. Thank you for the sunshine today Raegan and I hope you loved your lollipop!!