Sunday, December 14, 2008

So have you read or seen Twilight?

If not, you really should. My son loves the saga and is almost finished with all the books. His excitement for the books takes me back to when I was his age. He really carries a lot of my spirit and that makes me feel wonderful. I remember the days when books would take me away to another place, another time. I loved to imagine the characters in my mind and make them be exactly what I wanted them to be. One of my favorite authors back then was V.C. Andrews. I would get lost in her words. I would be completely oblivious to my own surroundings as I traveled through her written thoughts. So Austin and I jointly came up with this. He absolutely loves it and because of that, so do I. :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

The infamous Christmas card pictures

Every year we do this and every year I have a slight panic attack thinking about It is always harder to get all three of my OWN children to take pictures together. It is always easier when I do someone else's. Surprisingly this year they were almost perfect. The little bribery I had for them helped a little. **wink wink** Also I have to say that I love this field. By looking at it you would never tell that it would be a beautiful spot for portraits but the light is so yummy there, no matter the season. So here they are and to my loved ones, the card will be in the mail soon. :)

As always Gabs runs the show and puts her brothers in their place...

or she thought she did

Priceless. The prettiest Christmas tree I have ever seen. :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Luna Life Blog

Most of you know that I am involved with another blog of talented photographers that create templates to make life easier for fellow photographers. It is the Luna Life Blog. I have a special deal for my blog readers. I am offering any of my Christmas card templates buy one get one free. When browsing the blog just look for the ones that are posted by me. Click the paypal button on any set that you would like to purchase and in the paypal comments box just let me know which set you would like for free. Easy Peasy! Don't forget to browse through older posts to see some of the awesome talents by Amy Benzenhafer and Michelle Ruff. Happy Holidays! Click here to go to the Luna Life Blog. Happy browsing. :)