Friday, March 9, 2012

So I asked...

I asked my clients about me. How they felt? What was their experience with me? Was it enjoyable? I am sure that is a huge NO, NO in some people's worlds but it was what I needed to do. I want to know what people wanted. When I know what people want then I can customize what I do to that experience. I can know what is working and what might need to change or get tweeked a little. As a photographer that is what I did to get better as well. I put my work out there to get critiqued. BELIEVE ME...I didn't always hear what I wanted to hear but it helped me to grow. To see things differently. 

I will admit I was really kind of nervous waiting on their responses and then they came in. Wow. Then the rush of tears came. That little voice in my head telling me, "Jenn you did it. You are doing what you love and in the process bringing good feelings to others." Seriously that is the best feeling. 

You see I have my love story with my husband. I have my love story with my children. Now I have crazy little love story called my photography and it's all mine. I can be selfish with this one. I did it. I brought it to life. As a Mommy and a wife you know how hard it is to have something that is only yours. This is it for me. This is my mark on the world saying, "Hey look at me, Jenn was here!" You know how you used to in people's year  It is a love story to me. It comes from my love for the arts and always being that artsy girl that liked to make things, create things. My parents can attest to that. lol.

So in ending I want to say thank you to those of you who responded to me. I asked you to be honest and you were. I asked what you want to see happen and you told me. I am going to do my best to give you that. I am brainstorming as always and your ideas were all so great. I look forward to all the future relationships I gain with all of you! I need to find a new word for client. That sounds so stuffy to me. lol. Because in the long run, you all have become friends to me. Thanks for choosing me and sharing in my vision.

Much love, Jenn 


Jim, "Homer" said...

I think what you did is great and the heck with those who think what you did is a bad move. We as photographers deal with people and people of so many different likes and dislikes. I can appreciate those who feel this is a business and needs to be ran as such, but I find those who do tend to lose their passion and heart, which you haven't and I respect you so much more for that.

Keep doing what your doing because it - well it ROCKS. Keep your clients close and continue to be who your are.

Mama Pat said...

Jenn, You've become the photographer you were meant to be! I'm proud of you, proud I can call you friend and proud for you! Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us!

Love you lots,